Let memes

Trouble is brewing in the iCatholic church. Seek Christ, degenerate. I dont need to explain shit to you. You know full well why everyone hates you, and one day, will hunt you down. Eat a bullet, kidfucker Rober am created in Gods image. I am not sure the practices of God or what he represents, however my personal affiliation with him has provided me with a safe assumption that he loves me unconditionally and my sins are a product of circumstance Chungusification Product of circumstance mao loser. Go to confession and stop being a fake man of faith Rusty cage Hmm, that's interesting how am I the fake man of faith Catholicism is not my faith. I am a man of God, not some list of rules made by some corrupt church. I will trust what God says to me. I trust his words and our bond memes