Guiltyfilthycasuals I have fruit polos and lollypops be jealous. omg do many people not know what fruit poles are they are heaven BB caswantsdeansassbutt In America, we call them lifesavers. They can be chewy or hard candy. poles aren't chewy and they also come in mint. americansavior this week on britan thinks its special poshcoughing This week on america copies everything from Britain. powerfulpomegranste Lite Savers candy was first created in 1912 by Clarence Crane Polo mints were developed by Rowntree's in 1939, This week on Britain steals things from other countries. % rmoonpie thinas are heating up in the candy fandom memes

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2.5 years ago I made a decision to better my life  and  lost 110Ibs. Not at my goal weight but I'm very happy with my accomplishment.  2.5 years ago I made a decision to better my life  and  lost 110lbs. Not at my goal weight but I'm very happy with my accomplishment memes

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Posted by Sh Idiot's are posting anti lockdown crap through our doors. Covid is real people are dying. a Global Scam. Let's End It Now. lockdowns and other sui We Have Been Tricked Into government is using Lo justify clions is save lives', that the governme The message * a gross misrepresentation of the fa For most people covie fact, 99.8% of those who contrac Ls For most people 1 19 is no more dangerous than the flu In the virus will survive il 19 is above 82 The White Rose at death of those dying with covid expectancy in the K The average ag years greater than the average life Of those Of those who died with covid 19, most had a serious pre existing Of those condition which wa was the most likely cause of death condition which wa Despite these facts the orchestrated campaign of

What the fuck is wrong with Americans who aren't on board with free healthcare. I'm Canadian and I do not care that I pay extra taxes so a little boy in Alberta can have open heart surgery, or an elderly man in Nova Scotia can get the heart medication he desperately needs. It's called taking care of your people. I'm glad I pay so that people can have a good quality of life. It's called being a decent fucking human being. Lol  and  that little boy's parents r gonna take him to the US to have the surgery bc the surgery will be shit in Canada  Lol  and  that little boy's parents r gonna take him to the US to have the surgery bc the surgery will be shit in Canada memes

Gd Mtian Subscribe News Opinion Sport Sport Culture Lifestyle Culture Culture I Lifestyle Life and style Tony know one god  and that's me' non believers on the meaning of life Nice to see stirnerite egoism is back in season  Nice to see stirnerite egoism is back in season memes

OAT I Liked by, south. and 75 others christian nationalist Well my dog that I've had for my whole life, give or take couple years, died today. He had cancer, diabetes and kidney failure. So my little brother and I decided to go to the place where we buried him and send him off with a roman salute. Stay Fashy my friends memes

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The first concerns the meaningful relation, in the Bhagavad between the teaching which has just been described on the one hand and tradition and race on the other. In chapter IV, 1 3, it is said that this is the solar wisdom received from Menu, who, as is well known, is the most ancient divine legislator of the Aryan race. His laws, for Aryans, have the same value that the Talmud has for Hebrews that is to say, they constitute the formative force of their way of life, the essence of their race of the spirit'. Now this primordial wisdom, which was at first transmitted through direct succession, with the passing of the times was lost to the world  IV, 2 . It was not to a priest, but to a warrior prince, Arjuna, that it was revealed again in the way just recounted. To realize this wisdom by f