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SOFT IS MAKING AN OPEN WORLD STAR WARS GAME AV W Liked by ksteezys and 7.2K others starwarsldt The studio that made Assassins Creed and Watch Dogs have teamed up with Lucasfilm to develop an open world Star Wars game. There is no details on more View all 250 comments memes
Pope John Paul Il liked Yoohoo. During his visit to Denver, Colorado, he requested a couple of cases be brought back with him. Because popes do not give commercial endorsements, the Vatican was forced to release a statement denying the pope had a preference for American chocolate milk drinks meme
Sa shahsyt Can u post just the vid of Darwin let me 47 save it BA Liked by creator cole 2840 Creator Just look up all girls are the same 18 amazing world of gumball and screen record it.shahsyt replied to cole 2840 I'm on a fucking Amazon kindle which can not screen record Liked by creator The fucking kindle The fucking kindle memes