Winter Weather Advisory Tonight through Wednesday Morning Winter Weather Advisory across the Guadalupe and Delaware Mountains I Ice Accumulations Freezing rain, and some snow, will create alight glaze on exposed surfaces Pine and roads Impacts Bridges and overpasses as well as normal roadways will I likely become slick and hazardous for travelers Preparedness Actions Prepare for winter conditions by reducing speeds and allow for longer stopping distances NwsMidland Weather Forecast Office TX Issued January 19, 2021 PMCT Hobbs Big Spring 20 Tatum memes

1,795 likes birdiehalll I seriously hope this image goes down in history as one of the most endearing, sad, and brilliant photos of a man who, wearing the same jacket he always wears and mittens knitted by a Vermont school teacher, acknowledges his position as a public servant and not a celebrity entertainer decked out in Miu Miu or other exorbitant performance costumes. He's wearing the same cheap, ugly blue surgical mask we all have to wear. He seems to understand how absurd and disconnected pop grandiosity can be in the midst of a pandemic where most of the population doesn't have $400 or health insurance or the money to stay safely home. He is still sitting strong in true moral solidarity with the working class and all disenfranchised people of this country. Long live brother Bernie Sa

Citron Research, short se From delivered by Goog Short seller and Citron Research founder Andrew Left said earlier this week that after speculative retail traders drove up GameStop's stock, he covered the majority of his short position in GameStop at a loss. He previously said GameStop will fall back to $20 a share fast and called out attacks from the angry mob that owns the stock. 20 years ago I started Citron with the intention of protecting the individual against Wall Street, against the frauds and the stock promotions were just all over, Left said in a YouTube on Friday. Where we started Citron was supposed to be against the establishment, we've actually become the establishment.  So as of today, Citron Research will no longer be publishing what can be considered as short selling repor

Madison Cawthorn  Nancy Pelosi has been in office for longer than I've been alive. Something is wrong with American Democracy when an aged oligarchy controls our Republic. We need Term Limits and we need them right NOW memes

Now YouTube Copyright claim} Your has been Hi Cotton, A copyright owner using Content ID has claimed some material in your. As a result, your has been blocked, and can no longer be play Naw they removed the bee movie Naw they removed the bee movie memes

File Screenshot 2016 07 08 at .ong 127 KB, 313261 Anonymous mite they follow me everywhere i decide to go outside since thats where bugs belong they follow me there too which is what i wanted i start rolling around outside in the grass feels good man sit up against the fence and stare at the stars im so fucking out of it suddenly i hear someone talking to me not sure where its coming from woice keeps telling me to respond i do not because im scared it says if do not respond its going to kall my parents i freak out more tum around its the fucking fence post it keeps talking to me respond to this post or your mother dies in her sleep tonight memes

TRAINING FOR MAXIMUM MUSCULARITY To get the highest possible physique quality cut down your rest time between sets. instead of one minute intervals, rest for only 30 seconds. Besides supersets, increase the intensity by doing trisets stress your endurance capacity. a lot more ab work. Hard washboard abs.a long way toward making positive visual impressions with the judges. ZAisupplement your weight training with aerobic training outside the gym  running, biking, aerobics, ete. EXlMake use of all the intensitytraining principles to shock the body into further progress. Have fun and keep everything in perspective. quality physique how clear separation be tween muscle groups. Each indi vidual muscle group should show clear internal distinction. Total muscularity is a result of training each mu