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3 know am going to get blasted by every person under the sun for this post but have to speak up. I feel I honestly belong in the and and Has anyone built a time machine yet How come whenever someone in the street is having a party you hear this loud droaning doof doof bass. It is enough to give people a headache. Why do people blast this shit. it's not music, it's noise. Why do not people blast classical music, classic ropck, hair metal, death metal soul, funk pop. etc. Why is it always this stupid fucking techhno crap which is not even music at all. Is rock and roll dead. When will people start blasting the stuff from even the 1950s at parties or basic rock a billy and swing stuff do not understand and I apologise if I offend anyone. Os 16 42 Comments Like OO Comment memes
Hey everyone. The stairlift is being installed today Thank you all for your generosity  I am so excited and so is my mom Masks are still a work in progress. My machine broke and I also had to take a break for a couple days cus I was feeling sick but Im back at it. Hmu with questions if you have any. Ty all .,., memes
Only a Dictator legislates through Executive Orders Biden  October 2020 IST WEEK IN OFFICE EXECUTIVE ORDERS Obama 9 Trump 5 Oops Do not worry the propaganda censorship machine will cover for you again, plus half the population is brainwashed memes
Mg er our Literature, Images, , or DaVinci All Electric Scissor Lift Key Specs Platform Height 19 ft  5.79 Platform Capacity 606 Ib  274.88 kg Machine Width 2 ft 8 in.  0.81m Drive Speed  Platform Lowered 4 mph  6.44 Anyone else getting an absurd am of ads for this of ads  Anyone else getting an absurd amout of ads for this thing memes