History Market Sell $1,039.89 Jan 28, 2021 13,379.00 at $0.07 726 Market Buy $75.00 Jan 19, 2021 6,292.00 at $0.008044 Market Buy $1.35  Jan 8 2021 144.00 at $0.009319 Market Buy $0.35 De 4, 2020 164.00 at $0.0 3356 Put just a few bucks here and there and then the 75 when I thought it could turn out well and made ik off of dogecoin. I did it boys  Put just a few bucks here and there and then the 75 when I thought it could turn out well and made 1k off of dogecoin. I did it boys memes

Splendidland my dick is malleable, it can be shaped into any form i desire, and with the magic of stop motion technology, i have crudely recreated every wallace and gromit movie using nothing but my plasticine dick. recently, my dick has dried up, and is now permanently shaped like the steamroller from bob the builder 2, splendidland do you ever see a post you made 3 years ago and now have no recollection of ever having writing and just think no, there's no way i'd ever put something like that on the internet and yet there it is, your username undeniably attached to it. it's an experience not unlike coming across a gravestone with your own name and date of death written on it and you realize that you've been dead for 3 years and have been existing this entire time as a soulless entity meme

'No.75068392 9 minute ago fuerthumb Jog JPG 29.1 KiB 300x250  Be me, 25 years old Italian guy. Living in the UK for the last 6 years.  have been working in the same hotel for 4 years already. Its a really large hotel with over 300 workers. Really hot girl in room service. Try to speak to her whenever I have chance. She's Polish. Really hot. 3.1416. it's getting hard to get her attention so I've got nervous and tell her I have the cancer. It's a lie, Only have 5 moths left to live. Do not tell anybody I'm too shy. got al her attention. All good, next week I found out she told everybody and they made a fund to pay me a holiday in Japan. I told her my dream would be to live in Japan. They got over They paid me a whole month in Japan. Starts next week. do not know what to do. 340 people are ex

His fur singed. Though Godzilla's atomic breath has missed at times. It's been stated that he can be killed by a direct blast. Durability Kong also demonstrates durability when he is able to continue fighting against airplanes and even destroy some of them after being riddled with bullets. Electricity absorption In his first incarnation in King Kong vs. Godzilla, the mighty primate cannot be harmed by electrical currents, and instead, feeds on their power in order to revitalize or awaken him from a state of unconsciousness. He can also use those same electrical currents, whether they are man made or natural, to allow him to release surges of electricity from his hands, a powerful tool against Godzilla. Kong isn't just a monkey he is a Titan monkey  Kong isn't just a monkey he is a Titan mo

Finally made the Where are you  vide on my main channel. Thanks for the kind words, but just want to ignore the internet for a few days after digging all that up ZKPfMclvA youtu.be tess Jerma Jerma985 You're an insanely passionate dude. I had the privilege of spending a huge amount of time making stuff with you. you do, you'll do it well. On 51 memes

Board I pol Politically Incorrect Settings Mobile Home  Anonymous ID vaNwrezO am The pic that made jews SEETHE No.304793017 Capture 143 KB JPG Fallen branches that were going to rot from around the house in the woods. Nothing cut from standing trees. Just taking nature's leftovers. Cut with a small oiled up saw that you would laugh at and still took 2 hours. If i used a chop saw on a table it would take me 15 minutes. in 6 months this would be nice firewood. FREE HEAT. NO TAXES. NO ONE CAN PULL THE PLUG OR MAKE YOU PAY MONEY. The pic that made the tax jews and governments seethe. TRUE SELF Sufficiency. Anonymous ID  RAMNIE  No.304793335 OP  based memes