Mas memes

1 REPLY Be Trumps biggest fan You're Merica as fuck. Boomer and Proud Wife and kids get you new Liberal blasters and a sweet Harley shirt for Christmas Take photo of gifts along with Beer gut guns Travel from Rednecksburg Alabama with your friends to storm the capitol building to help Trump. to second term Trump will be there with you Leave your guns, but hide your taser in your front pocket Rush the capitol building, walking briskly, because beer gut is a gravity anchor Get inside the Capitol building and not know what to do next You have no plan Accidentally taser your nuts trying to steal painting of Tip O'Neill Start having a massive heart attack due to the tasering. Has nothing to do with beer gut and being 55. MAGA Bros do nothing to help as they are too busy witnessing first titty.
MAS So ru playing wow at all lve been palying shadowlands. I like it ME I started classic but then realized I was unable to do anything since I was old and all my friends have kids so I couldn't raid so I quit and made a kid too. MAS I Lmao memes