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Wy Occam's Strop Replying to perlmutations I want to be divided from white supremacists. I want to be divided from men who think the violent overthrow of our government is a constitutional right. I want to be divided from people eager to profit from blatant lies and conspiracy theories. I'll unite with anyone who is left. Clown Country Clown Country memes
Im Japanese. Recently, Chinese con artists tried to contact us with Japanese texting app like whatsapp But Japanese know how to handle Chinese thugs. Just texting em back june Tiananmen Square massacre in Chinese fF . Then BOOM That poor Chinese guy's internet access is cut out by CCP. You can try this when Chinese harass you online. 74 2 hours ago edited PaketPaqi AL Tiananmen Square Massacre 1989 China BlackSes Domesticpsychos ItsgreatChinesep left memes