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New WandaVision good, especially the opening scene. Spoilers below I get the feel that I've been enjoying the more sit comy stuff more than some other people, but it was nice to finally get some partial answers and stuff outside of that. I'm not a fan of how they essentially confirmed this whole thing is completely Wanda's doing, because I I feel like that's a pretty shitty development for a character who's essentially had nothing up until this point, but I'm enjoying literally everything else about this show memes
DOES THIS HURT WHAT ABOUT NOW Donald Trump has passed more gun control laws than Obama ever did. He raised the smoking age to 21. The wall is never going to be built. He is the antithesis to liberty. You got conned by a fraud and you're too brainwashed to admit it. the left can not meme
If you are selling a tool and if it is new in the box, fresh out of the box, used only 5 times, or maybe a bit more, if you're taking $20 off retail price and are expecting to make your money back. Just stop. I dont give a fuck on its condition we're taking $70 off in the first offer and you better not get offended. You're not Homedepot so fuck off memes