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Questions  steal.ourpost 1, name 19. Something you regret 2. age 20. Biggest fear Bo birthday al. 2 goals 4. 22. Fav animal 5. Zodiac sign 23. Fav 6. Fav food 24. Last time you cried Fav drinkij 25. A mean thing you did and  8. Fav movie%, 26. Memory you won't forget 9. Last text 27. Teacher you hate 4 10. Last ft call  28. Food you hate 11. Last phone call, 29. Most annoying song 12. Best friend 30. Habit 13. 3 dislikes 31. Hobbies 14, turn ons 52. Ice cream or water ice 15, 3 Turn offs 33. What you're wearing 16. Someone you miss 54. Last person you hugged 17. Weirdest moment 35. Dream 18. Celebrity crush. 36. Fav character Say a number in the comments and ill answer with in a few nights  Say a number in the comments and ill answer with in a few nights memes

I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of horror movies and then asked it to write a horror movie of its own. Here is the first page. HORROR MOVIE EXT. HOUSE THAT WEARS HOCKEY MASK An OLD MAN cuts the grass by stabbing it with an axe. 4 TEENS arrive in a car that runs on sex. They exit car. It is Spring Break, time for teens to guzzle fluids and die off. TEEN 1 Old man, you do not belong. We rent this house for week of young times. OLD MAN I am caretaker. I care. Do not stay in house. Kitchen is a monster. Witch is basement. Beds are ghosts. Sink hates priests. TV is a book. TEEN 2 Get buried. You are a waste of age Teen 2 is the state jerk. His college major is Vodka Law. TEEN 3 Maybe we leave This place gives me the crepes. TEEN 4 Stop acting chicken. Your virginity is making you a bir