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Matt Pearce mattdpearce This is wild  would basically give the Arizona legislature the power to override the popular vote for president if it doesn't like how voters vote. Text of the bill doesn't seem to specify that the legislature even needs to give a reason. Arizona GOP lawmaker introduces bill to give Legislature power to toss out election results memes
Tile PLAY the virgin mahomes needs dandruff shampoo can not grow a real mustache puts ketchup covers weak chin on steak with pube hair forgets to look when throwing the ball no Patrick price but thinks there is coddled golden boy hand weighed down by SB ring Turf Toe runs away from pressure fenne the virgin mahomes THEDRAWPLAY The Chad Henne head is not scrambled eggs incredible chin doesn't ask for the patrick price, pays in full because he isn't cheap hand unencumbered has only thrown 1 and fresh INT since 2014 Has beaten the browns in the playoffs hand unencumbered has done his tour of duty on bad franchises, hand unencumbered battle hardened and fresh runs towards pressure has a sweet hashtag to get that first down WE AREN'T STARTING YOU memes
Posts About throwawayacc6211 Th Let me just explain something real quick that everyone needs to get behind if this is going to work. Unlike a stock, which is an investment in a business which can fail regardless of our level of support, we have an opportunity here to just decide the next crypto to take off. So here is the important thing to remember. Stay in. Even after you hit your goal. Stay in. Let me explain why. Say you get into doge and plan to buy something at Let's say a corvette for shit of it. So you buy into doge. It hits in value, you think that's a good chunk and I'm nervous, you pull out, it avalanches, everyone pulls out. This fails. Now say it hits You pull out, it avalanches, everyone pulls out, it fails. We all stay in until it's well into 100, 200, 500k You pull out a fr