Things I want but will never ask for you to text me first  blowing up my phone be you miss me forehead kisses back rubs  hugs from behind calling me your girl  sending me songs that make you think of me playing with my hair while I fall asleep  did you remember to  texts holding my hand all the time morning sex reassurance that you love me  dancing in the kitchen  late night talks about life  silly pictures  breakfast dates memes

EQUALITY I JUSTICE Jeff Bezos paid more Fines  and  fees sent than $16,000 in parking nursing mother to jail tickets while renovating for traffic tickets his DC mansion Selis More than 564 citations were issued By Ashley Carman on February 3, 2020 pm IR Never forget that most crime is legal for rich people memes

I've never been loved by anybody. I've never been a crush. I've never had a secret admirer. I've never had a girl stare at me and then blush and look away when I return her gaze. I've never had anyone want to spend the rest of their lives with me. I've never had someone say my name in that way, where you know it's special to them. In fact, most people do not have any opinion of me at all. I just blend in with the walls. People that I care about hold the sandwich they had for lunch in higher regard than me. 49 KB JPG What does it feel like to be loved Is it good Does it make you feel valuable memes

Im sorry I just hate when people try to guilt trip people over being succesful. My mom has a good friend she's known since she was 18, we do not see her that much but every single time she comes over it's a sob story. She was telling my parents how whenever she comes to our house she feels inadequate and how she wishes her son was doing the stuff my siblings and I are and all this other stuff. It is incredibly uncomfortable and idk why people do it memes

Genetics is so cool, my parents always told me I looked like my dad's mom but I never got to meet her before she passed away. On the right is my grandmother holding my dad and left is me holding my son, taken exactly 63 years apart Image memes

3 The Dress That's Just One Size Too Small te Photo Instagram It's happened to all of us you spot the perfect dress on the rack and it's almost your size. You try it on and it's just not working. Maybe with a pair of Spanx you think, purchasing the dress anyway. But Spanx aren't miracle workers, and this dress will never fit the way you want it to. Sigh memes

The people around us are not perfect. People do things that annoy, disappoint, s and anger. In this mortal life it will always be that way. Lives Nevertheless, we must let go of our grievances. Part of the purpose of mortality is to learn how to let go of such things. That is the d's way. Elder Dieter Uchtdorf memes

VivianGames Playing D 13,496 Punk Stream Chat Log In VivianGames sorry guys, my mic cord came out. just gotta feel around for it TopBlue what is she wearing Axxoman 444 WHATTHE GAMER PANTS LOOK HOW FULL IT IS LMAOOOO GAMER PANTS GAMER PANTS GAMER PANTS jg GAMER PANTS GAMER PANTS Squary  VivianGames Damn girl, you shit with that ass TimeChrono No wonder she never leaves to use the bathroom, SparklingMilk97 THAT'S SO SMART WTF thisonecoolguy GAMER PANTS GAMER PANTS. GAMER PANTS GAMER PANTS jg GAMER PANTS Type Subseribe memes

If the Creator wanted to make my life easy he would send me to a diner where upon my arrival I would be presented with an extremely hot 17 year old waitress and a big burger with an egg. She would not charge me for the egg. This would be such a clever way to send me a sign. He does not want to make my life easy But it was never the comfort that made the man memes

You ever wonder why the hispanics never even concidered moving to mexico when trump was elected president It was always people saying canada It's almost like he was making that wall for a good reason and wasn't just racist memes

So, I and Matthew became very close friends. Matthew vas sweet, ze best friend I could hope for. Ve vere happy.  But couldn't help but feel zat other pokemon disapproved of our friendship.  Hey yeah Do not some Pokemon still think that certain relationshipe. ike between a bird and bug pokemon is a taboo   Uh Never heard of such a silly zing  become vae excited of course. Matthew showed Incredible potential by defeating ze first member of ze Elite, Trevor, vithout even evolving After zat day, ve all knew he vould be a mighty force to be reckoned vith. memes