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OO ww New TCPH COVID Vaccination Site Functionality inbox covidshot  tarrantcoun PM tome v Dear 151  7 , Tarrant County Public Health is pleased to announce the release of some new functionality on our COVID 19 vaccination sign up site. By utilization your registration ID number, which is 9 , you can now get some basic information about your status. To check your status just click on the information request button on the registration page. The following information can be obtained from that request, it is also provided for you below Date Registered  1 First Clinic Appointment if assigned, otherwise it will be blank  157  158  159  271 The phone number we will contact you at for your appointment  81 Eligibility Status  187 Note If status is no, that means your date of birth is less than 18.
1 Historicity of Christ Atheist New Testament Scholar Gerd Ludermann declared *Jesus death as a consequence of crucifixion is indisputable.* John Dominic Crossan, of the infamous Jesus Seminar says There is not even the slightest doubt about the fact of Jesus crucifixion under Pontius Pilate.* Marcus Borg, another member of the Jesus Seminar states Jesus execution is the most certain fact about the historical Jesus* Jewish Scholar Pinchas Lapide Jesus death by crucifixion is *historically certain.* Paula Fredriksen  The single most solid fact about Jesus life is his death he was executed by the Roman prefect Pilate, on or around Passover, in manner the Rome reserved particularly for political insurrectionists, namely, crucifixion.* Bart Ehrman Yone of the most certain facts of history is t
'The sea shanty seems like the strangest possible pick for this year's new, hot music trend, but as a longtime sea shanty fan what can I say, I'm the type who read Horatio Hornblower novels in high school , I'm here to tell you that sea shanties make so much sense for this moment, right now. They're songs with simple, blunt rhythms, meant to be easy to learn and easy to sing along with while doing the hard physical work of sailing a large fishing vessel. One person is the song leader, setting the pace and singing the verses, but the engine of the song is in the repeating chorus that everyone sings together over and over again. They are unifying, survivalist songs, designed to transform a huge group of people into one collective body, all working together to keep the ship afloat. Um, It Mak