TWIN T POWER. packs real punch into your driving range Twin H Power* makes the great Hudson even greater This new, multiple fuel ing system steps up power by develop ing more energy from every drop of gasoline P.S. You do not need premium gasoline, either. HUDSON HORNET SEDAN IN HUDSON AIRE HARDTOP STYLING AT STANDARD SEDAN AND COUPE PRICES From a standing start through all the driving ranges you use most in daily travel, Twin H Power joins with Hud af son's super efficient high compression engines to give you exciting action and steady, dependable power. FABULOUS HUDSON HORNET AND SPECTACULAR Hil DSON WASP Twin H Power is optional equipment at slight extra cost on the fabulous Hudson Hornet and the Hudson Wa Standard trim and other specifications and accestories subject Also optional at e

KAISER SPECIAL PRODUCT OF KAISER FRAZER The Most Talked About Cars in America BUILT AT WILLOW RUN FRAZER PRODUCT OF PAIGE SEE THEM AT YOUR DEALER'S NOW These are the cars that have set a distinctly new trend in motor car styling. With completely proven engineering advancements car styling. W completely proven engineering advancements for your inc ed comfort, convenience and performance. with ide, deep cushioned seats with the smartest of with extra ide, deep cushioned seats with the smartest of in America. Now they are rolling interior colors, fabrics and appointments it's no wonder they are the most talked about c s in America. Now they are rolling off the lines at Willow Run. Make it a point to see both the KAISER SPECIAL and the Frazer at your dealer's today memes

Announcing Pontiac's 1980 Bonneville. driving experience that goes a long way. Pontiac Bonneville for 1980 will surprise you. Besides its new aerodynamic design, Bonneville takes you farther on a gallon than you may have thought possible with a full size luxury car. The Bonneville goes far on exterior and interior styling, too. Outside, a sleek new aerodynamic hood. And 18 450 I I more nut formal trims door. the roofline. padded Inside, instrument simulated steering panel wheel. from wal And door richly to nut trims the instrument panel from door to II door. A padded steering wheel. And richly I 24 600 I trimmed doors ardnotchback with seats pull or straps. With stand contoured 24 600 I ardnotchback seats or optionai contoured I buckets. Altogether, the Bonneville goes a long way performin