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TOP DEFINITION Wallowing whoopies most likely a large female raggie walking down the sidewalk and you notice that their tits are so big they hang below the belly button. And the first word that comes into your mind is wallowing whoopies. Because it is so disgusting and that's the sound you'll be making when your pulled over in your car vommiting on the side of your road. look at that chicks wallowing whoopies think I'm gonna be sick waaaaaalllloooowwwing. Whoooooooooopiessss  Gross dude by Srt4brother June 11, 2013 memes
All I have ever wanted from a yogurt is to know who the cows are. Root irma Fanny Julia Veronica Padma Lacy O1672 ttl649kK Os569K esky Roza StRoseCherry Notice how they named all the cows traditionally girl names. There is a deep connection between misogyny and consuming animals. 218 307  Connor Bax bax connor Replying to StRoseCherry and  Jen Silverman I feel like yogurt from a bull wouldnt taste quite right memes