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HOW TO GET THE TRUTH IN 5MINUTES OR LESS IN ANY CONVERSATION OR SITUATION SIGNS OFDECEPTION SECTION BODY LANGUAGE Our fingers, hands, arms, and legs and their movements offer a fascinating insight into our true feelings. Most people aren't aware that their body speaks a language all its own try as they will to deceive you with their words, the truth can be always silently observed. You may already have read or heard about some of these clues, but they are only a small portion of the tactics that you will learn. CLUE 1 The Language of the Eyes No or little direct eye contact is a classic sign of deception. A person who is lying to you will do everything to avoid making eye contact. Unconsciously he feels you will be able to see through him via his eyes. And feeling guilty, he doesn't want t
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Introducing EWG stands for Epic Wrestler's Guild What we plan to offer here in IFW is a fun place to compete and let your creative juices flow. Here in EWG we have a few rules set in place to make things interesting But first a few rules Rule 1. LAST DAY PROMOS ONLY You can only promo on the day of the show. Any promo released beforehand will not be counted. Rule 2. VOTE MAFIAS ARE ALLOWED You are allowed to make and use vote mafias to your advantage to win matches. Rule 3. Your promos must have the word poop in it at least ONCE This can be on a photo, paragraph, or whatever. Our first show will Saturday, February at PM. See you there memes