Old memes

A long time customer brings in his laptop, almost brand new, about a month old. Sets it on the counter and asks if we might be able to get his pictures and documents. We open the lid, and the screen is COMPLETELY shattered, as in it falls out in pieces. We say, well, we'll try, what happened to it I dropped it. From how far About a foot. We both stop and just look at him. Yeah, I helped it fall. I start anger management next week We were able to get his pictures and documents, and sold him a new laptop as well memes
Which means that approximately 140 percent of GameStop's shares were sold short, so when me an my internet friends drive the price up by buying share and holding them, we force the hedge funds to start purchasing the shares again to make up for their losses, in a process called covering . What's a short ok so, imagine you're a monkey and you borrow six bananas, and then immediately sell them because ON memes