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My toaster caught on fire yesterday and when I realized it there was a flame like two feet high almost touching my cabinets so I panicked and picked it up so it wouldn't catch my cabinets on fire but then I was just standing in my kitchen holding a flaming toaster and my dad saw me and didn't say anything and I didn't know what to do so I ran outside with it and threw it at the ground but it was on fire so I picked it up and threw it again and again until it went out but then my grass was on fire so I beat it with a shovel until that went out too. Then I came back inside and my dad was just like Whatcha cookin Barb memes
We w Ive recently picked up stock trading on robinhood. Ive already double the original 60$ ive put in but any pointers you may have feel free to Imk If you want to get into robinhood use my account link and we'll both get free stock Whoever reported my post fuck you ima post it again  Whoever reported my post fuck you ima post it again memes
At Frank Sinatra's birth, the doctor thought he was a stillborn. Blue and not breathing, the doctor laid him on the counter while he attended to Sinatra's mother. It was only when his grandmother picked up the newborn, ran him under cold water and slapped his back that Sinatra started breathing memes
TaggingSits 100k  and  2 awards When I was 14 went into a GameStop at the local mall. I had enough money on me to buy GTAS. I picked it out, went to the cashier and bought it. I had a neighbor who was 16 and fully developed. She was  gamer too and was looking forward to playing. I let her go first since she was hot. She thanked me by giving me a handjob. GME got me my first handjob. GME to the fucking moon. Reply 595 memes