Plastic toys

X Youngest ChildEv Q CLICKHC LE his is Jonah. In some ways, he's an ordinary kid. He plays with toys. He loves to draw. He's learning to talk in sentences. But when it comes to age, Jonah is extraordinary. Jonah is 3 years old. What  You might have heard of a 6 year old, or maybe even a 5 year old. But a human being who is just 3 As far as we know, Jonah's April 10, 2011 birth date makes him the youngest child ever to walk the face of the earth. On demand help when you file online memes
Anyone have those toys that were like robot animals with little riders inside them and they usually had a button you could press that would move some of the limbs or something There also used to be a series or a few movies of them. I think the main character had a wolf or a tiger or somethint, There was also an episode with a really scary ass elephant that's deeply engrained in my memory. I'm spacing on the name, but I'm like 100% clear on what I'm talking about meme