Dr. Lava's Lost Pokemon 00 DrLavaYT Lost Pokemon of the Week Mikon was originally created for Gen 1, but ended up getting cut due to lack of cartridge space. One year later, Mikon returned in Gold  and  Silver's 1997 demo but ultimately, got cut from Gen 2 as well. More info continued in thread below Dr. Lava's Lost Pokemon DrLa Replying to DrLavaYT Mikon was first discovered when Gold  and  Silver's 1997 demo leaked in 2018. This early build of Gen 2 contained Mikon's front  and  back sprites, and revealed that Mikon was once meant to evolve into Vulpix at level 13. In Japanese, Mikon means Three Fox Barks. il 14 178 Dr. Lava's Lost Pokemon DrLa Then in Feb 2019, Gen 1 beta assets were leaked then published by helixchamber. This leak included Mikon's beta back sprite revealing it was orig

Please, no comments on how this works i know how Pokemon who has had more games than any other nintendo franchise, made the most money out of all media franchises, didn't go onto the samsung cd i, actually has a anime that wasn't forgotten and had its own console of ige memes

Prepare for trouble Make it double protect the world from devastation To unite all peoples To denounce the To extend our reach within our nation evils of truth and to the stars above Jesse James Team at Rocket, the speed blast of off light. James at the speed of light. Surrender now, or prepare to fight new, Meow That's right memes

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