Trump's last minute pardons include Bannon, Lil Wayne and scores of others President Donald Trump issued a raft of 11th hour pardons and commutations early Wednesday that in on 27 minutes ago LIL WAYNE LIL WAYNE memes

The commission released the 41 page The 1776 Report on Martin Luther King Day, January 18, 2021, two days before the end of term and the of The report does not include citations or footnotes, and does not identify its main authors Among other things, the document identifies progressivism and racism and identity politics as challenges to America's principles and likens them to communism, slavery, and It refers to John C. Calhoun as the leading forerunner of identity politics and criticizes some aspects of the civil rights The document also describes American universities as hotbeds of anti Americanism, libel, and censorship and criticizes feminist movements. It concludes with recommendations to promote positive stories and images of the country's founders at home, in schools, and in the art

Every day since Election Day I regret voting for Biden more and more. Like I genuinely feel sick to my stomach about it. The more and more I I learn about politics and the way this country works, the more I wish I hadn't voted at all. PM Jan 20, 2021  Twitter for iPhone memes

AGE tells Ted Cruz to take his GameStop bipartisanship and shove it up his ass and while he's at it, tender his resignation from the Senate. 3 34.8k Jb 1.1k Share Award US POLITICS 31 Awards GOP Congresswoman Blamed Wildfires on Secret Jewish Space Laser memes

Lis Power LisPower1 Fox News Chris Wallace Martha, I thought it was a great speech. I have been listening to these inaugural addresses since 1961. John F. Kennedy's ask not'. I thought this was the best inaugural address I ever heard. CAPITOL HILL CHRIS WALLACE I ANCHOR, FOX NEWS SUNDAY BIDEN POLITICS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE RAGING FIRE AM Jan 20, 2021 1.4K 2.7K are Tweeting about this memes

Ahmed Ali  MrAhmednurAli Funny how people can separate Tom Brady's politics from his game, but struggle to do the same when it comes to Kaepernick. 13.7K 89.7K 472K Rosco Roberts Nw RoscoRoberts1 Replying to MrAhmednurAli Funny how Kaepernick brings his politics onto the playing field and into the media room with him, whereas the media pry Brady's politics out of him memes

People are getting confused. there is ABSOLUTELY a right and a wrong when it comes to being liberal or conservative. I see too many people saying both sides are wrong, and that both trains of thought are at fault. Its the republicans and the democratic POLITICIANS that are at fault, not their ideals. Its their actions in their power that are going unchecked. Tired of seeing people dismiss politics entirely bc they think are equally bad. Not true. There certainly is right and wrong. Its ultimately the progressive left that is the issue almost entirely, effectively silencing an entire group of people. Traditional dems and conservs Are not the issue in the slightest, more power to them both. Its the braindead whistleblower culture, the media, and the actions of the far left that are stirring

This election is super fishy. Something doesn't Lmao Drumpf lost seem right here No, it isn't that. If the people have truly spoken and wanted Biden to be our President, I could accept the results. Difference of opinion is part of politics, and Biden wouldn't be first, nor the last Democratic President in my lifetime. I'd certainly practice what I preach and wish him well for the next four years, for the sale of nt Cope harder My concern is all the statistical abnormalities, the odd coting patterns, stories of Republican poll watchers being kicked out right before surges in Biden votes, 100% voter registration in key swing states and counties, and the fact that all of these stacked in favor of one candidate in a year where mail in voting was at a historic high. Look at the cope The 2016 el

Sure aa7730 My Pillow dropped by Kohl's, Bed Bath and Beyond and other retailers over CEO Mike Lindell's politics paka1999 Costco and Walmart we're looking at you. Orepy Hunterrose242 flag wi Wisco. Home Depot also still sells Sedition Pillows. Anyone wanna holler at them on Twitter and see where they stand oi Creply drputypfifeanddrum I hope Dominion Voting Systems sues this treasonous asshat into the poor house 5% ORrepy DeejayLuke Sleep tight, shithead. 3% OReply iruleU How do I complain to Amazon Wake me up when Walmart drops him. 2 Orepy Resist Amazon Bizney We need to They, Privat bug p silence the millionaires Until they What they ness want millionaires want or Personas with my meme

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4 LTE Global NSIS, For You Eollow POLITICS Premiers tell Trudeau they want to go to war with U.S. over Keystone XL sources BY SEAN BOYNTON JANUARY 21, 2021 MIN READ slobal National Trudeau faces pressure to change Bi 31.6K 1285 OSSUre I Green Screen I WSLOne athe tannertok share can someone explain this to me. tannertak anger politics pipeline oilfield merica Thygs JJ sound  the tannertok AAP IGIA A   Home Discover Inbox Me memes

NEWo OF YEAR The Telegraph in Coronavirus News Politics Sport Bus See all News v 6 COMMENT President Biden must revive the Gulf War spirit if he is to reunite a divided West America's new commander in chief can take inspiration from the international force that liberated Kuwait from Saddam Hussein meme