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Yesterday at PM Okay so, thousands of years ago one century was pretty much indistinguishable from the next, generally. There was somebody in power, there were peasants, and there were conquerors. For the vast majority one day was the same as the next for decades at a time. Currently we are in a time where everything changes so quickly in this era of technology. Does anyone think that once we have reached the limits of what is physically possible in terms of technology that we might end up in the same kind of situation. Computers are as fast as they will possibly go, space ships are as fast as they will go, power generation is as efficient as it will ever be. Essentially we physics. Will we be the same as the peasants of the dark Jan 26, 2021 age Sticks Today at AM Bro its midnight Today a
As much as it sucks I did find some pro's in all these illegals gaining citizenship. 1. Mexican food fucking rocks. Compared to other ethnic foods it's pretty healthy, they do not pump shit with soy like the asians, and the spicy and hot stuff weeds out the Pussies. 2. Many are Christian, with Catholics being the largest group. He percentage of people who actually attend mass is higher too. 3. They also are pro gun and pro life on the majority. They aren't exactly red blooded conservatives, but I'll take it over California Liberalism every day of the week. 4. Their music is pretty good and they are proud of their culture. More than you can say about anyone in Southern California or Eastern New York. 5. They tend to be homophobic, transphobic, sexist, and racist. In conclusion while it woul