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WHY DOGE IS GOING DOWN. MUST Serious DO NOT SELL UPVOTE THIS UPON READING  IF YOU HAVE MONEY IN DOGE THEN READ THIS  The only reason that it's staggering is because free trading brokerages like Robinhood are making you wait until your deposits go through which takes up to 5 days, so ALLLL of these people who WANT to put in CANT because their deposits have not gone through. SO DO NOT SELL. HOLD HOLD HOLD. Once these boys deposits come through we'll be by mid week next week  UPVOTE THIS SO PEOPLE KNOW Edit Dogecoin RULES 1 OS is the floor, if it dips we all have to work together to keep it above.05. 2. after it reaches $1 sell only 10% so we can continue to drive it up while still profiting 8.1k Lb 957 Share Award memes
CNN Philippines JUST IN With 212 1 1 votes, the House approves on third and final reading a bill institutionalizing placing one's palm at the center of the chest together with a slight nod as a customary Filipino gesture of goodwill, and as alternative to traditional handshake memes
STOP THE BULLSHIT OF SAYING THIS I OVER, IT FoughtWithWallace OVER. IT ISN'T t's sickening to me when think about how privileged we have been, and yet I'm reading post after post of despair. This entire journey was to prepare us for this very mo appearance of defeat. NOM We a share save hide it. How dare we cry like babies and give up. Do soldiers just give up just because there is an alone. The plan is still on. Buck up and act like an adult  STOP being swayed by petty emotion. 221 Comments 41 HereComesTrouble The plan is still on, huh Exactly when do we admit it fail again. When, then After the great reset When the country is overrun by terrorists who get away then Apparently now when the enemy has complete control of the military e're all in camps awaiting being shot for daring not to b