Primary weapon for combating entities. Entire twenty meter long blade forged from Cold Iron cold iron provided by the Hy Brasil Royal Sword Court, with a handle built around the blade without forging. Wounds inflicted by cold iron do not regenerate. Held atop SCP 5514 as a hat, the weapon can be removed for ranged combat. The edges of the weapon are coated with Rounded plasma, which can be activated or Recoilling deactivated upon user control. Plasma Electromagnets are built in the weapon, so the wielder can reattain the weapon, should that be unable to be done manually. Seven poets constantly writing and reciting Thousand poems about the defeat and death of large Word monsters, broadcasted at high volume from Arrows SCP 5514. Empowers the Pataphysical Mantle and demoralizes enemies. Super

Mugs Replying to icedoutomnitrix AMERICA got a huge buff today. Patch notes below  dignity  100% racism  100% introduced new feature called science removed lying from the game as it felt too effective added a tool called hope to ramp up character moral  made future a bit brighter Right because the entire left side of American politics has never told a single lie  Right because the entire left side of American politics has never told a single lie meme

Spoilers for Teen Titans Future State 1 Ngl this thing is kinda gay looking So I have no idea whats happening, like, at all. Idk if i missed something in another issue or if this will be explained in later issues but im lost. Despite that, we have almost nothing on Red X's identity. We do have some clues, like he was a student maybe at the Titans Academy, and that he got the costume from their archives because Nightwing used to be Red XX. If we are looking at my previous post for who Red X is, these clues basically remove the entire Bat Family members from the running. Clownhunter is still in the running but thats about it. Any ideas  Also Nightwing is Deathstroke and Cyborg and Beast Boy merged What is happening meme

99 Revolution Q Revolution My dick had so much smegma built up that it solidified was like a bumpy shell amm thick . Would hurt so much to even wiggle segments of it, when I retracted my foreskin the entire room would just stink the fuck up. Smell would linger too. Because it hurt to try and remove, I I left it and eventually my foreskin just stuck to the cheese and wouldn't retract. Was like that for a year, had to go to the doctors to have him help me remove it because it started to hurt and the smell was leaking through the skin I think I can still remember the way his face ingested itself after witnessing what had fermented beneath my hoody. The smegma turned dark yellow and the smell was other worldly, I almost chucked and the doc with his face mask could definitely smell it. Good tim

Found the communist Hopefullyyournewbff Found another incel with uneducated rehearsed tired statements YourMommyMyCocky hey you're the one deleting comments for no other reason than you do not agree with them Hopefullyyournewbff definitely a commie Hopefullyyournewbff meme author removed this comment SS I rest my case. commie Hopefullyyournewbff meme author removed this comment you said it kid, not me. I'm just telling it like it is. Hopefullyyournewbff meme author removed this comment