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Should police officers in the United States refuse to enforce executive orders on mask wearing and social distancing Yes 90.4% No 6.5% do not know 3.2% 1,902 votes Final results DD 46 TQ 65 47 Replying to Police enforce LAWS, not orders. Mandated social distancing is CLEARLY and UNAMBIGUOUSLY a violation of the right to free assembly. It's the DUTY of all officers and all government employees to refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws and orders. Replying to The fact that so many law enforcement officers are on record stating that they won't enforce social distancing or any new gun laws proves that they were full of shit when they said we do not get to pick what laws we enforce during the past several decades of the war on drugs. AM  Twitter for iPhone memes
Vile Michael Bemiewouldawon How is Biden better than Trump 1. Paris climate accord 2. Keystone pipeline 3. He supports $15 min wage 4. He has a better healthcare plan 5. He supports making it easier to join unions  Nobody Name ls Nobody Replying to  Berniewouldawon the Imao is that you couldn't back your point go head how's he better How is this still a fucking debate  How is this still a fucking debate memes
Tonight, the Orioles became the first pro team to wear uniforms with Braille lettering. Awesome. Biggerl hanBaseball Ad Replying to MLB Orioles and Purpose Blind can not see or allowed on field to touch players backs ww 20 I think it's to raise awareness 26 266 945 Who doesn't know about blind people 112354 1, SSS sd Deaf people probably never heard of em. 105K memes
Replying to My 5 year old was overheard by his idiot teacher telling his friends I was big robber with lots of guns. The next thing I know the police are searching my house for guns and stolen gear. Err by the way am not a robber nor do I have or keep weapons. Police were quite apologetic. PM Jan 24, 2021 Twitter for iPhone ts 9 Quote Tweets 906 Likes memes