MAN BREAKS INTO A BURGER KING AND DRINKS GALLONS OF DEEP FRYING OIL A Florida man found an extreme way to cheat on his diet last night He broke into a closed fast food restaurant and drank more than 25 gallons of used oil from the deep fryers. THAT GUY DOCTOR WHO GAVE HIM His DIET memes

Ip. You are absolutely welcome to refuse to tip waitstaff at restaurants if that's how you feel you should behave. The only condition is that T dont you must tell your server at the beginning of the meal  before service begins. If you do not have the balls to do this, then you dont really have a moral objection to the gratuity system youte just cheap piece of shit. Servers in the US are paid $2 to $3 per hour because restaurants are permitted to bypass the federal minimum wage requirements, Servers accept this with the understanding that they'll be tipped based on their performance. Outright refusal to tip means that you're benefitting from theow food prices created by forcing servers to work for geatuities, without actually participating in the gratuity system and thats bullshit, YOU CAN'

File 75 KB, 680x584  dumb bitch years later go back to same place Anonymous No Reply  be me, 15 go to small town brunch place after mom has dentist appointment place looks like a redneck fucknest when i look at menu the only thing that catches my eye is a chicken omelet okay,jpeg get food 20 minutes later taste chicken omelet food tastes as if the gods have just coomed in my mouth i see papa cholula hotsauce, and add the second sauce to the omelette as if a mathematical moment of genius, it produces the best omelet to ever be bestowed on earth mom looks at me with disgust as i ravage omelet  ew a chicken omelet  restaurant removed the chicken omelet due to being unpopular meme

Featured tombestig subscribe blasian pineapplebby 1d America could feed everyone but if there's no profit from it they'd rather throw it out and lock the dumpster  Id The way restaurants have to waste food is sick Show this thread TikTok bryanjohnsion 1048 301K HAZE HazeStag Just a reminder that the federal Bill Emerson good samaritan food donations act prevents any liability if someone gets sick if a company donated this food. So it is absolutely not a health safety thing. These same people will make fun of Christian churches Imak  These same people will make fun of Christian churches lmak memes

Fuck it up Barbara tayiur  rust Like Reply Barbara Lynn Joy She tried her best to help and I get the feeling you were probably a bitch about it. I hope they do not fire this young lady because you're impatient and expect perfection from a fast food restaurant. I can not imagine how you act in a nice restaurant. Like Reply Barbara Lynn Joy Lashana Gorrell Barbara Lynn Joy do your teeth fall out when your eating  Like Reply Add Friend Message More Barbara Lynn Joy Lashana Gorrell I would say ask your man but just went through your photos and it looks like he left your ass after he knocked you up. MR Manl AcLannnn Justnow Like Reply  Elementary Teacher at Jeff Davis Elementary School Lives in Biloxi, Mississippi memes