People who thought orange man was a dictator, you couldn't even grasp what would happen if you said that in other places where there are actual dictators Valya via Getty Images NEWS Russian Police Arrest Thousands Of Protesters Demanding Government Release Alexei Navainy By Emily Zanotti January 24, 2021 Russian police arrested around 3,000 protesters across Russia on Saturday in a dramatic crackdown against nation wide demonstrations demanding the Kremlin release Russian opposition leader and anti corruption activist Alexei Navalny memes

Did I ever tell you guys about how when I moved into my first apartment my dad's move in present for me was this bomb tee ball bat that's fuckin legit as hell and bright pink and hello kitty themed he gave it to me and said this is just so that if anyone ever tries to mess with you after you've kicked their ass you can stand over them and knock their lights out and the last thing they'll see is the cute and unforgiving face of hello kitty a parenting folks memes

D David Barnes * 2 weeks ago My friend was arguing with an onlyfans hoe and he said to her your role in society is so replaceable you could die tomorrow and your simps, the people who care about you the most, would find another hole to orbit 328 made wAQYAGHIt you fucking killed her dude memes

Guys. i need help. i cant take this shit anymore. me and my bf are currently on break a lot of shit is going on and i need to get my emotions and thoughts in order and my mom just slipped that we broke up in front of half of my family. i said we're on break snd she said no, hats broken up laughed and continued good thing tho not like we liked him and now everything is awkward. i fucking hate this. i dont wanna cause drama, not more han there already is anyway. and im too scared to stand up to her she used to beat me, a lot. and even now she still vervally abuses me but not as much as she used to i really dont know what to do and its gotten to he point that im doing this, asking the internet for help memes

And at the Rhode ISland State HouSe the Bernie memes continu kept showing my 71yr mother the Bernie memes, today she gave me this and said have a meme for you that I cut out of the newspaper .  I kept showing my 71yr mother the Bernie memes, today she gave me this and said I have a meme for you that I cut out of the newspaper .

DC, they said use a mask  and  goggles. then they aid just a mask is fine. then, cloth masks were no ood. then, it had to be an N 95 mask. now, even 3 masks only provides 95% protection. next thing they'll say is to wear a condom at all times to protect from ovid.  and  I'm sure that plenty of idiots will wear condoms all the time, just because CDC said to. lil by lil, they are aking our freedoms away.  and  we are letting them take hem by our compliance to their crap. in the end, they ont take anything cos they won't have to. we will just give them whatever they want. liberty  and  freedom will be one,  and  it'll be all our own fault. do not blame the govt hen you didn't stand against them  e WERE warned. we just didn't listen memes

Y Existential Comics Imao need to be bailed out . Funniest thing I've heard in a while. Yes because people who gamble millions on GameStop's stock crashing are a crucial part of our economy. Maybe what they need to do is get a job and work for a living. Street Insider CNBC's David Faber said he is hearing a number of hedge funds are in similar trouble that Melvin Capital saw in its GameStop $GME and may need to be bailed out memes

You're not just wrong, you're stupid. Have you even seen what an *actual* dictator is and what they can do That little fire you started and put around yourself that you call oppression is the farthest thing from a dictatorship. Amy Siskind Amy Siskind Can't be said enough we toppled a dictator. Show this thread AM 20 Jan 21 Twitter for Android Shameless plug but follow my Twitter, yeah Shameless plug but follow my Twitter, yeah memes

Boy Has No President yy Nicholas ted33 I got a notification saying my Lyft Driver was deaf and to text him anything I needed to say. So I texted him saying thank you for picking me up. This man turned around to me and said No problem bro. You can talk to me. I just say that Im deaf so my passengers do not talk to me memes

Peremy Carson Jeremy, 28 2 miles away Active 18 hours ago About swipe macy I'm an atheist. That means do not subscribe to organized religion. if you are an atheist, this should tun you on. if you want a night of passionate love making, look no further. If you said yes to both of these things, memes

What is the skull crusher challenge on TikTok The skull breaker challenge involves two people kicking the legs from under a third, making them fall over. US prosecutors have charged two youngsters with aggravated assault over the prank and warned parents to stop their children taking part. TikTok said it would remove such content from its platform. Mar 4, 2020 say we just let them continue I say we just let them continue memes