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Tells King he has a lack of personality and isn't unique but she makes the same thot face every thot in the world makes covered with filters and make up Gone You act like a 9 when you're a 4 ME You act like a 10 when you're not even on the scale because people forget you exist because you blend in with everyone else thanks to your lack of a personality or anything unique about you memes
Modern soldiers are not brave in the same way the Argives, or the Celtic warriors were. Modern soldiers are brave because they have been psychologically conditioned to be completely subservient to orders and sacrifice no matter what. They're dehumanized. The ancients, on the other hand, were mostly in it for personal reasons. They were brave because they cared more about achieving fame and fortune, or fighting for an idea. Look at Achilles, for example. Achilles was not sacrificing himself for Agamemnon, he was risking his life for his interests and his beliefs, and later to avenge Patroclus. What Achilles did, of course, is the worst nightmare of a modern, industrial army. Soldiers thinking for themselves. They want soldiers to be as dronelike and subservient as possible to the point wher
Sign in Search JONEY DEAR DEIDRE TRAVEL MOTORS PUIZLES SUN JUICE Samsung scraps chargers from new Galaxy 521 phone box quietly deletes ads trolling Apple for doing same with iPhone 12 SAMSUNG has finally revealed that its new phones won't come with a charging brick in their box. Instead, customers will get a USB C to USB C cable with their purchase but they have no way to plug it into the wall uniess they have an old charger Iying around. SAMSUNG FOLLOWING APPLE NEW FEATURE COMPLETELY memes