Sandperson memes

Hunger Games The Bloodbath As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds. LOn3w01f runs away from the Cornucopia. DeadassBleach runs away from the Cornucopia. KJS8 scares keriaautismgirl away from the cornucopia. mr poopy butthole clutches a first aid kit and runs away. Sandperson Lominsoda and MommyHungerGamez fight for a bag. Sandperson Lominsoda gives up and retreats. TanningBread grabs a backpack and retreats. Unyix runs away with a lighter and some rope. Fish Archive scares BrettFavre away from the cornucopia. ThatTalkitiveBoy and Nidus fight for a bag. ThatTalkitiveBoy gives up and retreats. Hentai Harem runs away from the Cornucopia. me takes a sickle from inside the cornucopia. Spira gathers as much food as she can. Spooderdooder finds a bag full of explosives. Pur ple re
Hunger Games Pur ple and clkman57 fight Recull and Da Pur ple and clkman57 survive. Siddymac goes hunting. DailyHungerGamez and thegates hunt for other tributes. JJmarked, Sandperson Le LOn3w01f, and Da raid DOTDOTDASH's camp while he is hunting. Nidus begs for BrettFavre todail him. He refuses, keeping Nidus alive. Ba explores the arena. Cronasphere dies of dysentery. fortnightburgerdotnet travels to higher ground. Pick and TheOperaBelle hunt for other tributes. Peri scares Verlander off. Erik with a K begs for Cajun to him. He refuses, keeping Erik with a K alive. So camouflauges himself in the bushes. Hentai Harem explores the arena. Tomate diverts MommyHungerGamez's attention and runs away. Sp tries to sleep through the entire day. Proceed. Your new champion is Sandperson Lominsoda. Yo
Hunger Games Day2 JJmarked travels to higher ground. Cajun tends to BrettFavre's wounds. Pick runs away from thegates. Erik with a K steals from Sandperson Lominsoda while he isn't looking. Verlander searches for firewood. DailyHungerGamez begs for Nidus to her. He refuses, keeping DailyHungerGamez alive. Pur ple silently snaps fortnightburgerdotnet's neck. DailyHungerGamez sets an Off TheOperaBelle, Spooderdooder, and DailyHungerGamez. Tomate chases Perii. LOn3w01f tries to sleep through the entire day. Hentai Harem diverts Siddymac's attention and runs away. Sebass07 discovers a cave. Proceed. LOn3w01f is nocturnal L0n3w01f is nocturnal memes
Hunger Games Day 1 Propane Joe sets an explosive off, Spooderdooder. mkjjwolf searches for firewood. Sandperson Lominsoda receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. DeadassBleach searches for a water source. TheOperaBelle tries to sleep through the entire day. Peru chases Sodote. Hoggle discovers a river. Borderguard Ivan receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Pur ple goes hunting. mr poopy butthole, Erik with a K, Fish Archive, and BetrothedHungerGamez hunt for other tributes. LOn3w01f overhears Cajun and TanningBread talking in the distance. keriaautismgirl and KJS8 split up to search for resources. ThatTalkitiveBoy attacks BrettFavre, but he manages to escape. fortnightburgerdotnet practices his archery. me injures herself. MommyHungerGamez stalks LordSheev. iliketrains307 collec