Self meme

Dark Core Personality Test Your results You Population Average 37% 37% EGOISM MACHIAVELLI MORAL NARCISSISM ENTITLEMENT ANISM DISENGAGEMENT 60% NARCISSISM ENTITLEMENT 47% 13% 10% 36% 23% PSYCHOPATHY SADISM  SELF INTEREST SPITEFULNESS TOTAL DARK CORE This makes you 10.89% Lighter than the average person memes
Venusian eye technically we're ALL, always LARPing, because the Self is only a construct, 2rsquared I want a new character theprettyboysclub Then make one. mundanemerman Then make one has the same energy as then nerich  hit like Onnocite Same and onnocite meme
26627788 Sure. CCublcAK No.26628457 49 minutes ago Hedgefund thinks GME is dying Shorts the stock creating a self fulfilling prophecy Nobody is buying GME so they just keep shorting over and over Shorting is basically borrowing shares. You sell them immediately then buy them back when the price is lower for a profit. You are LEGALLY REQUIRED to buy back the shorted shares If they can short it to zero they never have to pay back the shares they borrowed Reddit notice this Start buying GME Suddenly hedgefund can not buy back shares at a lower price People refuse to sell to them Every day they do not sell the interest on the borrowed shares increases The more they try to short the more the buy This causes the price to wildly inflate as the hedgefund tries to psychologically motivate the holde
Be me, 23 virgin start going out with lifelong friend after a vacation in friendship always had a crush on her, she is in my eyes she has low self esteem, nympho, ticks all the boxes I decide I'm in love with her get invited back to hers after a night out want to smash start exposing wardrobe skeletons because trust her so implicitly tum her off no sex for me end up scaring her away meme
March 2020 Self isolation and remote learning definitely won't have an impact on my mental health. Every day feels the sam nobody wants to talk anymore, my thoughts are killing me from within, m motivation is basically no, existent, and I can not even relate to anyone be only one whgs good thing have have hololive memes