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Last argument I had with my ex was so real. I was yelling and complaining about everything he was doing. Top of my lungs. Seriously upset He looked at me and said do not know why you mad I didn't change I said what you mean. He said I've been this way. I been doing dirt I been moving how I want and you knew this. You mad at things I've been doing that's on you not me cause I never changed BIA that was the realist shit ever When someone shows you who they are BELIEVE THEM I was talking with my older sister, told her I do not trust nobody no more after this blah blah. She said nah trust EVERYBODY. Trust that the liar will lie to you, trust that the cheater will cheat on you. Trust that the player will play you. It's not about not trusting it's about trusting that people will be exactly who t
To correct a popular misconception One does not truly beat a Fallout game. One merely completes the current playthrough. setf Fallout submitted 3 hours ago by Intangible Currency The only thing you can beat is your the wife. Seriously people. Get with the program. Fooking noobs meme
Seriously considering joining yhe national guard out of highschool but my dad says im too smart to be in the military and hes probably right because I had a 4.0 pre covid but I just think it would be an interesting life experience and i would get some cool benefits and stuff later on also i want to shopt a machine gun that would be cool idk whay do you thinjk memes