Shadow memes

WHAT IF IT WAS JOHN'S WEATHER FORECASTING STONE CONDITION FORECAST { Stone is Wet Rain Stone is Dry Not Raining Shadow on Ground Sunny White See on Top Stone Snowing Can't See Stone Foggy Swinging Up Stone Windy Png Up and Down Stone Gone 72'thquake I ALL DREAM memes
Scott Lynch  dscottlynch78 The three random yet recurring phases of cat ownership 1 You are as elegant as moonlight and shadow, my sleek panther, my tiny hunter 2 You are my little boopersnoot squigglebutt squishydoodle 3 STOP EATING PLASTIC You GODDAMN MALEVOLENT LITTLE GARGOYLE memes
Ok i'm gonna go back to sleep now ill be good night back im gonna talk to shadow back to knuckles man what happen i do not remember anything after shadow killing those trolls what the fuck banana back to shadows sonic go away im trying to sleep ill hear your bitching later who are you CB i'm not this sonic person you speak of memes