Short meme

Omar llhanMN Americans are told to invest in the market. But when they start to threaten the profits of billionaires, strange things happen. If anyone on Wall Street with short positions in particular stocks used their power to cut off the public from buying those stocks, send them to prison meme
Know at least one of my followers doesn't quite understand what is happening in the stock market right now and that's enough to motivate me to explain because this is somewhat of a turning point in world history. First, you need to understand what short is in trading. short is when you borrow a stock from a broker and sell it immediately at its current price. Then you hope the stock's price falls such that you can buy the stock back at a lower price and return the shares you borrowed to your broker, but keeping the difference. Example Let's say want to short XYZ which has a current price of $10. borrow 1 share and sell it immediately at $10. have $10 now but owe my broker the 1 share I borrowed. Then let's say the price of XYZ drops to $7. I now decide to cover buy it back my short positio
I. To what extent did large investors, such as hedge like Capital Management, and their short. hedge funds like Melvin of GameSton*os ow prices Did any of these practices violate existing, curities laws hedge funds like Melvin ii. To what extent did online message boards, such those on Reddit, or broader social media amplification impact the fluctuation of GameStops prices Did any of these practices violate existing securities laws 2. Do the yild swings in value of GameStop and other companies affected by similar trading market Like said Warren is going after r Wallstreetbets too dont just read the headline she is being a snake as usual  Like I said Warren is going after r Wallstreetbets too dont just read the headline she is being a snake as usual memes
SHORT LADDER ATTACK INCOMING HOLD HOLD HOLD UPVOTE AND SHARE In the last hour of trading some of us are predicting they will launch a short ladder attack to make it look like it's selling off to trick you into selling your shares. Their goal is to go under $115 to get out of their expiring contracts. This will be a major victory for them. How it works Hedge funds sell back and forth with one another at lower and lower bids in rapid succession, tricking algorithms into thinking there is a mass sell off when there actually isn't. They do this to scare off retail investors to engineer a sell off . Once the attack is over, the stock will normally go back up due to its demand. Then they will rinse and repeat their attack, each time hoping to chip away more and more retail investors. Most people