Six memes

Monke explanation of each Operator in Rainbow Six Siege The Spetsnaz Glaz Gadget thermal sniper rifle that's more volatile than the current stock market Guns DMR which is really hit or miss. You'll either die immediately or get 5 kills Difficulty surviving a Russian winter with no shelter Fuze Gadget cluster charge that launches explosive hockey pucks which seem to be magnetized to the hostage Guns Really good AR, an LMG, and a shield Difficulty 2002 Moscow theater hostage crisis Kapkan Gadget tripwire trap that shoots nails into your legs Guns SMG and Semi auto shotgun Difficulty just hide in the closet all game Tachanka Gadget incendiary grenade launcher Guns DP 27 LMG and an SMG we'll pretend doesn't exist Difficulty you are literally the God of Rainbow Six Siege memes
Monke explanation of each Operator in Rainbow Six Siege The Ash Gadget breaching charge bazooka Guns 2 really good ARS Difficulty you are the headless horseman if he had a gun and was Jewish Thermite Gadget a breaching charge but really hot Guns AR and shotgun Difficulty you blow stuff up. That's it Pulse Gadget Polaroid camera that uses voodoo magic to see your heartbeat through walls Guns SMG and Shotgun Difficulty photographer Castle Gadget waterproof and bulletproof door Guns SMG and shotgun Difficulty being a small business owner during riots memes
US Home Indianapolis boy, 17, shot dead six members of his family, including pregnant woman and her unborn child, after his father yelled at him for leaving house without permission By Megan Sheets For UPDATED am on 26 January 2021 Share shares 22 comments shares comments Six people were shot to death early Sunday inside an Indianapolis home Mother Kezzie Childs, 42, and father Raymond Childs Jr, 42, were found dead along with their 18 year old son Elijah Childs and daughter Rita Childs, 13 OHIOANS Look at all this culture  Look at all this culture memes
Monke explanation of each Operator in Rainbow Six Siege The GIGN Twitch Gadget wannabe Michael Reeves taser drone Guns DMR, LMG, shotgun Difficulty getting tazed by the police while drunk Montagne Gadget big shield Guns virgin pistol or the chad 357 revolver Difficulty do not play Montagne unless you wanna get cyberbullied by both teams Rook Gadget dinner I mean armor plates Guns shotgun Difficulty easy mode Doc Gadget drugs ina pistol Guns shotgun Difficulty finding a empty needle in LA memes