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Steps to Build the MEDITATION HABIT Select a quiet, calm space for your meditation practice where you can close the door to be completely alone. Determine a specific time of day for your practice. If you've begun a deep breathing practice, you can use this as your trigger and starting point for your new meditation habit Decide whether you want to meditate sitting on a pillow on the floor or in a straight back chair or sofa. Try not to recline as you meditate, since you might fall asleep Remove all distractions and turn off all digital devices or other devices that make noise. Re move pets from the room. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Sit comfortably either in a chair or cross legged on the floor with a cushion. Keep your spine erect and your hands resting gently in your lap. Close your eyes,
Fetish Chart 2014 Real life version. All about the fetishes for you or your sexual partner to do or have done to, Porn specific is General Liretaeyiowods iwatowing Bicnntngs Baiton Bitace rching BDSM TFored Orgasms TBoreasm beniat Masturbation instructions Biservitude er Exchange EBsensation Piay electri stimulation Bioegradation eresthing iy Bhriame caliog Bororing Heavy Bondage Daristing Heavy Bondage Bous Bncasement Bros Boscitine seaaine Bruvic sevtenbion teasing BB insertion Meidnapping Genital Worship Kinks DDipcegration Nursing Beminization oovble Penetration Devrswapping Thighsex Pain Clothing crossdressing Forced ressup socs Ginipple Clamps Teotars stockings Extreme People pe Biinny Bhtxperienced Masculine now Other Another chart is on its way with giving receiving details, but th
Humansperm Ash Parks Do the work  read a specific set of ideologically aligned books and agree with them uncritically 15 likes humansperm politics isnt agreeing with stuff you read on the internet, its a set of practical commitments like firearm proficiency and sucking dick in public without getting caught memes
My knowledge this I is the tallest offroad specific lifted vic with an actual Suspension lift instead of a donk kit and body lift. If I remember correctly, he's running a combination of modified actory suspension with modified Ford Ranger control arms and I think some Tacoma stuff too. I believe he also has it LS swapped. The lift is awesome, but he still has some stuff to figure out because his front camber is all fucky meme
Need to walk into town and find a bathroom m dying for  aahit  take my keys and go in the van When giving instructions, or evaluating a proposal, it helps to be specific, and not assume the other side understands what we mean. We must always be prepared for the fact that the listener may be stupid memes
Older forms of English kept Latin's gender specific suffixes tor and trix tor is for men and trix is for women. So a male pilot is an aviator, a female pilot is an aviatrix. A male fighter is a gladiator, a female fighter is a gladiatrix. This contrasts with the modern system, where tor is for both men and women, and trix are for kids. val ritz YOU COME INTO MY HOUSE meme
They are really fuckin these snails up MOTHERBOARD TECHBY VICE Ehe New York Eimes Scientists Can Erase Scientists Made Snails Scientists have transplanted memory from Specific Memories Can Erase Remember Something snail to another. So, From a Snail's Brain That Never Happened what does it mean for to Them humans Like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotiess Mind, but for snails memes
Zei squirrel my favorite part of libertarian memeology is that the non aggression principle doesn't apply to native americans bc they didn't stay on any specific lands for a long period of time or put up fences around it, ergo it was justified to genocide them to death and take it from them Os 28 390 zei squirrel when you ask them how long exactly one has to stay on one piece of land for it to be your property, and whether a piece of land owned by someone today but is not fenced is also liable to be taken by another, they turn into the whiny little pissbabies they really are Os 301