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In July 1995, San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb found the Big One the blockbuster story every journalist secretly dreans about withaut even looking for it. simple phone call conceming into an unexceptional pending drug tral turned into massive conspirary invalving the Nicaraguan Contra rebels, LA. and Bay Area crack cocaine dealers, and the Central Intelligence Ageney. Far several years during the 1980s, Webb clscovered, Contra elements shuttled thousands of tons of cocaine into the United States, with the profits {going toward the Funding of Contra rebets attempting a counterrevalution in their Nicaraguan homeland, Even more chilling, Webb cuickly realized, was that the massive drug dealing operation had the implicit approval and eccasional outright support of the CIA, the very org
Love your fucking life. Take pictures of everything. Tell people you love them. Talk to random strangers. Do things that you're scared to do. Fuck it, because so many of us die and no one remembers a thing we did. Take your life and make it the best story in the worl the world. Do not waste that shit memes
Everyone asked about the story of my knee injury so here we go Two years ago i was competing at nationals for FFA and I jumped a horse hurdle and it didnt end This photo was taken a few hours before it lhappned After my hurdle tragedy I was decided to stay at the national convention and enjoy my time before I went home I'm walking around the convention with a swollen knee and limping very badly i got a knee brace from a nearby walgreens I was on crutches for at least three months before my surgery I finally got my surgery but the recovery did not end What I mean by that is that my me ACL rotted away and my meniscus jus org right after again Every day now I deal with bone grinding and popping, my knee gives out a lot on me and it doesnt stay stable as it used to be. I cant bend it anymore o
1337 The Hundred Year War starts  lasts until 1453 116 Years Actually made up of several conflicts including a civil war in France 1342 1347 1353 1342 Magdalene's Flood  Actually Biggest Collapse of made up of european Italian The Black flood of the Banks  Death  past 2000 Pretty much or more of including years. by as the bad as one in Europe's civil war in Followed by the one in populations France widespread 2008 dies 1340s famine European Peasants trying not to die meme
A deaf kid has joined my cousin's elementary school and this is what I found on my cousin's search history today, truely wholesome how i can fuck a dog i fucked a dog x how can learn sign language x what else can you fuck except dogs can you pregnant a goat meme
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