Swatted meme

DonutCoon Donutkun2 This is attempted murder. We can not have openly gay children, athletes, rappers, politicians or even reference gay couples in kids shows but y'all swear homophobia ended after gay marriage was legalized. Pop Crave PopCrave JoJo Siwa was swatted at her Los Angeles home after her Instagram Live talking about her coming out. Swatting is a high stakes prank where someone makes a false police report with the intention of luring law enforcement to the residence of a person who's done something to anger them. The goal is to get police officers, and particularly a SWAT team, to respond. Ja bar ide ting call over game dispute now facing  Vox 34 memes
Danganronpa have to be canceled because the ending monobear got swatted by FBI yes. The ending do not worry no one's been murdered and all students even known as one main character and girlfriend and some people he grow up to be a man she's grow up to be a oman and that's the ending so I'm sorry I have to make this comic strip let me make it up to you enjoy oh yeah this is him now honey I'm home O'S how's work no worries I'm Persona I am no weakness I am meanwhile in persona why you here stronger on your part meanwhile in persona we are to Doom am your persona say my name lam your Emperor persona persona let me see your persona good that's i call persona meme