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Marc Lobliner MarcLobliner Admittedly I am not a Trump fan. He kind of isn't a good dude. WEAK ass leader, narcissist, and very abrasive. But after seeing 2 days of the alternative, he's looking damn good right now th 750 Replying to Mar cLobliner Can I take back my vote These fucking people, I swear to god. What the fuck did you expect These fucking people, I swear to god. What the fuck did you expect memes

Seth boyd I really like the app Was this review helpful  Yes   No  Robinhood Wow We're sorry to hear that. We'd like to have our support team take another look at this. Could you please email so that we can help you work through this Stories like these write themselves  Stories like these write themselves memes

FRAUD The president of the United States is a fraudster. Do not take my word for it. In November 2016, less than two weeks after he was elected, Trump settled three different fraud lawsuits related to his Trump Univer sity for $25 million. Earlier this month, as the New York Attorney General Letitia James formally announced, the president was forced to pay $2 million for misusing char itable funds for his own political gain, and his Trump Foundation was shut down for its misconduct. Trump isn't fit to run a univer sity or a charity, so how is he fit to run the country memes

WTF fun fact In 2003, Rapper Pusha T wrote the famous McDonald's jingle I'm Lovin It but does not own any of the publishing rights for it. After learning from that multi million dollar mistake, he now owns 40% of the publishing rights for the We have the meats campaign from Arby's. com memes

ScaryTelephone Awards Whatever happens today, HOLD Reply 3.5k clown penisdotfart Awards Just hold. Want to beat Wall Street at its own game Think like a Wall St guy. How to think like a Wall Street Guy Ok first take all of your empathy and basic human decency and CRUSH it. Be merciless. Tell yourself there are only two things that matter, money and crushing the shorts, and the good news is that if you get one you get both. No mercy, no care, only lust for money. Full. On. Sociopath, Then after this is all said and done and the shorts are bankrupt you can go back to being a decent human, donate some gains to a good cause, take care of people, those kinds of things that Wall Street Guys cannot do memes

Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure Recent MiximumDennis The Rise and Fall and Rise of MiximumDennis Adcs HATE this build SUMMONER'S RIFT, VA Citing the champion's sublime, inviting aura and the alluring glint reflecting off her gaze, sources confirmed Thursday that this beautiful champion was simply too pure for this world, too perfect. Look at this angelic person. Never in my life have laid eyes on such an immaculate smile, nor glimpsed eyes as delectably blueish purple in hue, exclaimed player Take, How to get FREE LP FAST before realizing that perhaps such a flawless, delicate work of art was not meant for with this one simple trick this earthly realm. Alas, we toil in far too cold and dark a world for such innocent purity as this. such perfection. whose adorable

White on white. It takes me a second to realize that the is already playing. I'm looking at snow. The camera pans up, revealing a dull twilight sky. The cameraman advances. There's something can not see his face. My hands are shaking. can not see his face. memes

Spaceracer23 9 months ago So if you select a bird shot load capable of taking out a turkey in the woods, it can also take out a turkey breaking into your home. 445 33 Add a public reply udmbfck x 8 months ago I wouldn't eat the one shot at home genxer 711 7 months ago udmbfck x I wouldn't either, I do not like dark meat 56 FP memes

Teenage me felt this so hard. Patrick Mackle Patrick Mackle Patrick's mother made him go to Costco on Sunday morning, then he had to try on this shirt so she could take a pic to see if his brother wanted one. Feel his pain in this image. And he doesn't complain. hat my warrior son. Love you Patar, Dad memes

NEWS NBCNEWSNOW NIGHTLYNEWS MEETTHEPRESS DATELINE NEWS POLITICS COVID I9.  PLANYOURVACCINE U.S.NEWS OPINION 5 Hedge fund investors had already taken their own lives since the Gamestop stock spike. Let's shoot for 40  Let's shoot for 40 memes

HABITS OF HEALTHY PEOPLE EXERCISE Alm o exercise three times EVERY week. Do not focus on the end goal, just start off with creating a routine. MAKE PLANS Failing to plan is planning to fail Make a commitment with yourself and get in the habit of fulfilling that commitment each week SLEEP WELL Sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle. You can survive on four hours sleep per night but your bady won't thank you for it. Alm for 7 9 hours per night MEDITATE Pind a quiet place to relax and switch off your mind and focus on taking deep breaths for 5 10 minutes. LISTEN TO MUSIC Listening to your favourite artist or to song that takes you to your happy place can really put a smile on your face, be an amazing strest reliever, GET UP EARLY t press the button, na great day and head to work with plenty of

With the movie, we started development and made the decision to expand the world of My Little Pony, rather than starting from scratch with a total brand reinvention, Thompson says. We found ourselves with this whole decade of storytelling and really rich lore, and it felt wrong to walk away from all of that.  Instead of abandoning the franchise's characters and stories, the movie will take place in the same world featured in Friendship is Magic and Pony Life, but jump ahead in time to focus on a new generation of ponies and unexplored corners of Equestria. This creates opportunities to include nods to the property's previous iterations, both in upcoming content and consumer products offerings. If you're brand new to the franchise, I think it will grab you and pull you in, says Thompson. An

ZekeElliott 116 total smiles subscribers subscriptions content creation suspended until january 21 System Autoban Multiple uploads were rejected for violating content guidelines Takes 6 blackholes before you get suspended  Takes 6 blackholes before you get suspended memes

Sir, you can not take off your mask at the bar unless you have a drink. You may encounter hurdles being a blind bartender. No, you do not understand unless your mouth is taking a drink it's gotta be covered. That is whole new breed of retarded. You mean unless I'm sucking on neck I have to SHEEESH Had enough memes

Robinhood  Investing with Cryptocurrencies Crypto changes amid market conditions Instant Deposits are temporarily unavailable for crypto purchases. This means you won't be able to buy crypto with funds from a deposit until it settles which can take up to 5 business days to complete . Your Crypto Buying Power will also not reflect your deposit until it settles. Pathetic what they're trying to do. This has to be because of the $DOGE increase.  Pathetic what they're trying to do. This has to be because of the $DOGE increase memes