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SHADOWMARKS The clever little marks are carved all over Skyrim.,. mostly on the doorframes ar fronts of buildings. but you can find them pretty much anywhere a thies been, the way we talk ach other without talking. Keeps the newer thieves from becoming dead thieves and all rhar ansense. There arent that many of the bloody things, so do not want hear ary exceases about not having the tline 10 learn thet. Anyway, of my gabbieg. Time 10 cap an and da a linde research, Safe We ustaly leave this sbadowneack we're sccuted and found a safe way xroutd something, a hallway without waps or maybe a house that's already cheared out. f you see one of theve, head the way pointing anxt you'll be flag Escape Route on the rare oocasion it berter be rate sion yora want no work the Guild thas you find yrurse