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Anonymous femoid hate thread No.61944533 hey anon you should try getting 4. ag she's always mentioning how both of you are single she says you are actually handsome 73 KB JPG she says you should try going out more she mentions she's single so many times you finally ask her out she laughs at you starts spreading rumors disrespects you in public literally trashes your image even before you are able to make a good impression with people stop meeting with her because why even bother at this point years later she calls you hey anon I'm single again, also look at my baby ien't he the citact meme
Kristen Gray kr toot Moving out of America in my has been a game changer. I've been living in Bali, Indonesia for over a year with my girlfriend. A Thread BaleBengong BaleBengong KABAR TERBARU Setelah twitnya viral, Kristen Antoinette Gray ditangkap Imigrasi dg tuduhan menyalahgunakan izin tinggal di Bali. Warga AS ini segera dideportasi. Translated from Indonesian by Google LATEST NEWS After his tweet went viral, Kristen Antoinette Gray was arrested by Immigration for abusing her residence permit in Bali. This US citizen was immediately deported memes
Thread Elliotte Friedman  Out of an abundance of caution, the Vegas Golden Knights will be isolating their coaches. GM Kelly McCrimmon will take over, likely with the team's AHL staff. The Golden Knights host St. Louis tonight. p.m. 26 Jan. 21 Twitter for iPhone memes
901 Ad FF Thread worrywirt Fox Clan Rarity Series  I do not expect this to become a thing, but I just love the Fox Clan logo so much I wanted to make something from it pm 25 Jan 21 Twitter for iPhone 374 37 Quote Tweets 3,598 Likes worrywirt worrywirtWW id Tweet your reply 2 ay 4 e B memes
RR  51 Share Award OriGachatitecringe sincte commeNT THREAD VIEW ALL ssg berserker ZA WARUDO REQUIEM ACTO LOVE id Tell THAT to my flamethrower Reply tod  The Blessed Weeb text only flair muffled Pyro noises defective trash One shudders to imagine what inhumane thoughts lie behind that mask. youravargerobloxian I fear no man but, that thing, it scares me. 10 10 defective trash No, no I ain't talking about that freak alright Hes not here, is she How do I get this fucking thing off  View all comments Add a comment memes