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And now it's time to pretend everything is back to normal. Now they will pretend the tensions are over. The threat is gone. All of the lemmings will forget much of the identity and beliefs they held on to so brazenly, to the point that they do .ed and ruined the lives of their own family and friends. They will lose interest and forget until riled up again by their media and corporate overlords. Everything is okay. Check out this nice playlist from our new leaders. Settle down. It's over now. Do not forget what they did to anyone, even children, who wore a red hat. Do not forget the rage brought on by a white boy's smile. Do not forget what they admitted they wanted done to our children. Do not forget Desmond or Jazz. Do not forget the burning of cities. Do not forget what they did to their
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Steps to Build the MEDITATION HABIT Select a quiet, calm space for your meditation practice where you can close the door to be completely alone. Determine a specific time of day for your practice. If you've begun a deep breathing practice, you can use this as your trigger and starting point for your new meditation habit Decide whether you want to meditate sitting on a pillow on the floor or in a straight back chair or sofa. Try not to recline as you meditate, since you might fall asleep Remove all distractions and turn off all digital devices or other devices that make noise. Re move pets from the room. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Sit comfortably either in a chair or cross legged on the floor with a cushion. Keep your spine erect and your hands resting gently in your lap. Close your eyes,