All Tweet Jim Cramer jimcramer I just feel the love aw Nachy gageduse Replying to jimcramer JIMMY CHILL ignore the part of WSB who hate on you Most of us love you and are thankful for your recommendations. I've been watching you since the summer and only been on wsb for 2 months and you've been spot o PM   TweetDeck 1 Retweet 28 Likes Scottrader Beatles66  Replying to jimcramer He isn't great because of his stock picks. But because he wants to help us and educate us. Teaching us to fish, as it were. Tweet your reply meme

Jen Psaki  Wikipedia W nttps  en mkipedia In 2010. Psaki married Gregory Mecher, a deputy finance director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They have two children Her brother is Jeffrey Psaki. Jeffrey is a Portfolio Manager at Citadel LLC References Jeffrey Psaki Portfolio Manager at Citadel LLC Citadel LLC Harvard University New York, New York 500 connections As you can read here, Citadel buys the Robinhood order flow which according to CNBC is why trades are free on Robinhood. We do not have the ability to say for sure if there is legal activity going on but it all seems very fishy to us and time will well Melvin Capital is one hedge fund that was at one point heavily shorting GameStop stock. Citadel Securities LLC is another firm, that was reported to have bailed them