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Current Short Volume 44,670,000 shares Previous Short Volume shares Change Vs. Previous Month  14.57% Dollar Volume Sold Short $385.50 million Short Interest Ratio  Days to 1.0 Cover January, 15 Last Record Date 3021 Outstanding Shares 52,070,000 shares Short Percent of Float 0.00% Today's Trading Volume 6,474,857 shares Average Trading Volume shares Today's Volume Vs. 97.10% Average You're making the rich bleed just by investing Buy and Hold, soon they will run out of money and the stock will blow up AMC To the moon  memes
Important update You can now make limited whole share buys of the securities that were temporarily position closing only. You can still sell or close any fractional positions, but you can not currently open new fractional positions. If you have any recurring investments in these securities, they will be paused until the limitations are lifted. See Full Details Keep going boys, no mercy, smack their pee pee's red.  Keep going boys, no mercy, smack their pee pee's red memes
Wolferton 22s subscribe Join WHY DOGE IS GOING DOWN. MUST Serious UPVOTE THIS UPON READING  IF YOU HAVE MONEY IN DOGE THEN READ THIS  The only reason that it's staggering is because free trading brokerages like Robinhood are making you wait until your deposits go through which takes up to 5 days, so ALLLL of these people who WANT to put in CANT because their deposits have not gone through. SO DO NOT SELL. HOLD HOLD HOLD. Once these boys deposits come through we'll be by mid week next week  UPVOTE THIS SO PEOPLE KNOW Vote 450 it, Share memes
Ae2VOUOR PP 86% Robinhood  Investment  and  Trading, Commission free Robinhood Open Rate this app what ww Write a review Developer contact Join the beta Try new features before they're officially released and give your faedback to the developer. Join Learn more About this app investors. Trading tools, finance news stock market Insights for new 1 top free in finance Stay informed with Recurring investments Easy to learn, customized news. without fees. easy to use. investment fees. Ratings and reviews 1.0 20 279,970 memes
And  robinhood  Robinhood  Robinhood 177K reviews Downloads investing n Investmen Everyone Millions of users strong new investors. Invest in stocks, Options, and funds. Trading tools, finance news  and  stock ma insights for Ummmm Get your first stock on us. rket insights for  Ummmm memes
Jerrynews BUSINESS DOGECOIN TO THE MOON Jan 29 I The price of a cryptocurrency called Dogecoin is surging after it was promoted on Robinhood has now restricted cryptocurrency trading. Time for another class action lawsuit bois  Time for another class action lawsuit bois memes
SHORT LADDER ATTACK INCOMING HOLD HOLD HOLD UPVOTE AND SHARE In the last hour of trading some of us are predicting they will launch a short ladder attack to make it look like it's selling off to trick you into selling your shares. Their goal is to go under $115 to get out of their expiring contracts. This will be a major victory for them. How it works Hedge funds sell back and forth with one another at lower and lower bids in rapid succession, tricking algorithms into thinking there is a mass sell off when there actually isn't. They do this to scare off retail investors to engineer a sell off . Once the attack is over, the stock will normally go back up due to its demand. Then they will rinse and repeat their attack, each time hoping to chip away more and more retail investors. Most people
AA Q robinhood halt buying for dogecoir  Google Q robinhood halt buying for dogecoin All News Images Maps Shopping Users reported that the trading app had halted instant deposits for crypto purchases on Friday. Robinhood confirmed the move, saying it was switching off instant deposits due to extraordinary market conditions. The move comes after dogecoin, a digital coin based on the popular doge meme, spiked as much as 800%. 6 hours ago Robinhood restricts crypto trading as bitcoin, dogecoin surge  CNBC  About featured snippets Feedback Top stories Halted Dogecoin today, even after the GameStop fiasco Dumbasses.  Halted Dogecoin today, even after the GameStop fiasco Dumbasses
LAST 12.34 If anyone's interested we have a group chat on here for anyone new to the stocks and to veterans who could help out others with questions.  If anyone's interested we have a group chat on here for anyone new to the stocks and to veterans who could help out others with questions memes