Other notable problems  because I couldn't fit them all into two posts  Sia claimed she tried casting an autistic actor but it was too hard. this was proven to be untrue as there is evidence dating hack to Maddie already being cast for the role five years ago. and even if She had originally cast an Autistic person why couldn't she adjust the environment of the set or even try another autistic actor  Maddie was allegedly very uncomfortable on the Set of the film, and supposedly even cried during particular scenes. supposedly, Sia turned a blind eye to this and continued with the film. Sia has openly admitted that her casting Maddie to at the role of Music was both ableism and nepotism, favouring someone  Sia also claims she worked alongside Autism speaks, an autism hate group, to create the

Biden readies moves to get checks and food aid to low income Arm. uns plus a federal pay rai Biden is expected to sign two more executive orders on Friday one focu 53 mins ago Its been 2 fucking days and he's already turning tot by getting people to depend on the gov. Blackholed now Blackholed 3x now memes

Bakugan Geogan Rising leaks below January 26th. 2021 Who wants to see some Zocbles  Two new Cubbos. Each with their own getup. Idk what these will be made available in, but they exist. Finally is this pack with Aquos Ferascal Ultra, Darkus Sharktar, and a three headed monster according to Kc Toby, so probably the new Haos Nillious. I will say core Ferascal has grown on me a bit. Ultra is still iffy to me, but I'll need to get one first before giving more opinions on it memes

The fact that they call it the Food Pyramid and not Food Triangle implies it has at least two other sides. So maybe this much taffy is OK 1.09 AM drop out sensei weallh nedirection All these years I've been looking at the wrong side. dark fda show me the illegal foods memes

Limited availability. Unlimited luxury. Presenting the specially appointed Silver Anniversary AMC Concord. To commemorate our 25th year as American Motors, we are building a limited number of special Concords. Each is finished in a unique design embracing two shades of silver. Among the many interior luxuries individual reclining seats in special black or russet Caberfae Corduroy. Digital clock. Extra Quiet insulation. All this plus the best gas mileage of any 1979 American compact car.* And the exclusive AMC Buyer Protection Plan . See this extraordinary car at your AMC dealer now. After all, luxury like this only happens once in 25 years. * D EPA estimated mpg. 32 highway estimate. Use for purposes. Your results may vary due to driving speed, weather conditions and trip length. Actual hi

HUSH MONEY We know that Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, who is serving a three year prison sentence for campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud, made illegal hush money payments to two women Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal who claimed to have had affairs with Trump. We also know, thanks to federal prosecutors, that Cohen acted in coordination and at the direction of the president himself. How is this brazen violation of campaign finance laws not an impeachable offense memes

PARHL Q TTUIVIANING TINW YES. Like  Reply  Mark as spam Show 3 more replies in this thread Edward Larson Event 201 was a real event and you can watch the that they themselves produced. The whole purpose of Event 201 was to test the timeline and the talking points before rolling out the pandemic. The event was paid for by the National Institutes of Health and the Gates  Foundation and it is no coincidence that these two organization's models were the ones that were being quoted for the first 3 months of this outbreak. Anyone who believes that this is a coincidence is free to contact me and I'll sell you a very nice bridge in Brooklyn. Like  Reply  Mark as spam  12 38. Kyle Richard Johnson Nothing of Event 201 before Oct 10, 2019. The same date an object exploded in the sky near Songyuan Cit

HR Home Favorites Recent o In the 2015 film Jurassic World, Chris Pratt's character carries this stainless Marlin 1895, it is the only version on their website rated for a T Rex. Os You and 1.6K others 72 Comments 413 Shares Love Comment Share Tony King Works too I shot a T Rex two days ago. Dropped like a sack of potatoes. Still do not know why it was carrying a bucket of candy though Reply memes

Dad Clark county schools  Las Vegas  since lock down they've had 18 student suicides and 3100 suicide alerts. They are considering reopening because it's more than just covid. Understatement of the year from teachers unions who do not give two shits for the kids. They just indoctrinate memes

Interesting Voney Facts You Probably Never Knew Damaged Currency Can Still Be Valuable The Bureau of Engraving and Printing will redeem your damaged currency as long as it is not too badly damaged Note You Can Speak To The Secret Service You can speak directly to the secret service if  you suspect a counterfeit note or if you have information about counterfeiting activity If You Suspect A Counterfeit US Paper Money Is Not Made Out of Paper United States currency paper is actually composed  and  of 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen. Paper Money Was Made In WW China Over 1,000 years ago Paper money was first used by the 618 907 . Chinese during the Tang Dynasty A.D. Someone Bought Two Pizzas For 10,000 Bitcoins On May 22nd 2010, an early adopter of bitcoin Bitcoin bought two pizzas for

Rest of This Week Fort Worth, TX January 29% Issued January 25,2021 PMCT Mild with highs in the upper and Tuesday II weak cold front arrives Tuesday night with perhaps a few sprinkles of rain. Wednesday I seasonably cool and sunny with highs in the upper and fe Thursday Temperatures near or below freezing Thursday morning.  Warmer with increasing clouds. Afternoon highs in the NWSFortWorth memes

12 Million Engaged Mine before the next halving Pioneers 0.2 0.1 TBD  0.05 TBD  BO Base Mining Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Rate Pioneer  Security Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle Mainnet* 100M  Members *TBD Minting for new members might end Join Pl by looking up pi network and joining using my memes