We are not living in a country with a government of the people, by the people, for the people, but we are part of a giant Corporation, The United States Corporation, and the President of America is the CEO. We are only the employees. This Corporation, in its turn, is owned by another Corporation, The British Crown memes

THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION  DECEMBER 2020 Total nonfarm payroll employment declined by 140,000 in December, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Jan 8, 2021 www.bls.gov pdf empsit PDF Unemployment  Bureau of Labor Statistics  About featured snippets Feedback People also ask What is the current unemployment rate in the US 2020 vv How many people are unemployed in the US right now 12.6 million people How many people are unemployed in the United States right now It depends who you ask  and what you mean by unemployed. There is the official unemployment rate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which was 7.9% as of September. That equates to about 12.6 million people. Oct 12, 2020 Those are rookie numbers  Those are rookie nu

100% Joe Images NEWS Biden Stops Trump Order To Slash Price Of Insulin, EpiPen By Amanda Prestigiacomo January 23, 2021 Dal, Wire con President Joe Biden's United States Department of Health and Human Services HHS on Thursday stopped executive orders from his predecessor designed to significantly lower prescription drug prices for Americans, including insulin and epinephrine memes

0.0.8. COMMITTEE ON MATURAL APROURCES SQummrree om ovenaary Congress of the United States Wouse of Representatives Washington, DE 20515 0301 GOLAA HOUSE GOV Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson US Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20530 0001 Dear Acting Attorney General am greatly troubled with the events that have unfolded on Wall Street and demand action from the U.S. Department of Justice. Today, a FINRA regulated broker dealer called Robinhood Markets, Inc, halted the purchase of stocks for several publicly traded companies including Gamestop, Blackberry, AMC and others, This unilateral move was done so in a concerted effort to de platform and silence individual investors, This began when an investment management fund called Melvin Capital Management plac

1227 4269 Comments Delete I'm just waiting for Biden to make an ass of himself invoke the 25th due to incompetence, Kamala Harris to turn it down then Pelosi to take on the roll, just to be assassinated. that's my prediction. hopefully that isn't how it plays out and the United States isn't plummeted into unrecoverable turmoil in which we collapse in on ourselves and become a faction of states where the south is more attached to Mexico and the north to Canada with crime sky rocketing and America becoming a giant slum full of shanty towns resorting to violence becoming like a giant el salvador Reply Upvote en life expec When life expectations get low memes

Table 1 Estimated influenza disease burden, by age group  United States, 2019 2020 influenza season Symptomatic IlInesses Medical Visits Hospitalizations Age Estimate 95% Ul yrs Alleges Deaths Estimate 95% UI Estimate 95% UI Estimate 3,065,436, 2,021,018 21,371 O4yrs 4,291,677 2,875,424 9,920 8,247,015 5,544,822 57,495  6,551,246, 3,315,969, 17,963, 517yrs 8,214,257 4,271,413 2,523 11,351,951 6,011,703 31,126 18 49 15,325,708 11,798,086, 5,670,512 4,214,299, 86,023 66,223, 1.719, 15,325,708 22,121,677 5,670,512 8,383,456 86,023 124,169 22,121,677 8,383,456 124,169 yrs 10,835,295 4,780,110 114,905 8,750  1,480,075, 1,089,850 797,945, 176,924 134,552, 13,673 10,298, 1,089,850 176,924 13,673 2,883,659 1,621,738 262,151 19,568  33,672,529, 15,371,515, 352,913, 1,909 17,970, 1,909 Table 2 Estim