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Inist next door feminist next door emrazz fe Wall Street is not the enemy of working people for fucks sake. This take is so pedestrian. Wall Street pays your 401k, funds your state's SpIVING brewlemieux disability payout and finances your town's community center. That is I'm finance and reguiatory risk the level of involvement it has in your life as an average joe. attorney for Wall Street banks,  Twitter for iPhone A.40 ALL ANAO meme
Yes. Christ is king, and I am his greatest soldier. So you'd seriously rather spend your time lifting weights, going to church, and working on saving up money for a farm, rather than having sex with me Thinking about deleting my feature, swatting down feature creatures is exhausting and they're blowing up my notifications  Thinking about deleting my feature, swatting down feature creatures is exhausting and they're blowing up my notifications meme
What Each Zodiac Sign Is Doing Right Now Capricorn  Working Aquarius  Drinking Pisces  Crying Aries  Watching a Movie. Taurus Eating Eating Aquarius Taurus  Gemini  Reading Cancer  Sleeping Leo  Being Awesome Virgo  Investigating Libra Libra Listening To Music Libra Scorpio  Masturbating memes
Parlor parler is an American alt tech microblogging and social networking service. Parler has a significant user base of Donald Trump supporters, conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and right wing Posts on the service often contain far right antisemitism, 2* and conspiracy theories such as Journalists have described Parler as an alternative to Twitter, and users include those banned from mainstream social networks or opposing their moderation policies. Launched in August 2018, Parler markets itself as a free speech focused and unbiased alternative to mainstream social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. However, journalists have criticized this as being a cover for its far right userbase, Journalists and users have also criticized the service for content policies that are more restrict
Just watched a hentai where the plot was the wife was being sexually harrassed by her boss to fuck. ofc the husband is oblivious and just assumes wife is working hard. Then the mf boss goes on a business trip and the wife goes with him and has to stay in same room for some reason. They fuck the entire time, it was good shit. Ends with the husband trying for a kid and the wife ends up addicted to the bosses cock over her husband's and she's just straight up cheats and gets pregnant by the boss. give it chefs kiss but it could have been more fucked up memes
LEGENDS Delonte West working at rehab center he attended Delonte West is now working at the drug rehab center in Florida that he attended after Mark Cuban helped the former homeless NBA player get his life back on track, first reported by The Athletic and confirmed to ESPN memes
This is your daily reminder that the govt has closed most shops and businesses, all schools, prevented you from working, seeing family or friends, travelling, or playing sport and seeing any culture. if you dare question this, you are a denier memes