Year memes

Anonymous Mon No. be me first day of freshman year went to Period Health not many classmates in the class so far MBPNG of the blue, a older, chunky AF tard waddled into the room in his Phineas and Ferb PJs he emitted a stench on par with Muk's the rest of us were staring at him in disgust he scowled at us in return first day in Health class was about the syllubus we all heard his stomach using Hyper Voice just by some coincidence, the same tard goes to every class I had meaning I had to hear that noise every class lunch time chicken tenders, fries, strawberries and the available drinks were surprisingly great because school is ghetto af the same tard cussed at the lunch lady and hoarded 5 trays of tenders and 3 bottles of cola he plopped down by a wall and began feasting on the tenders lik