So I get home from the restaraunt tonight, and I find out that apprently our fucking Qanon redneck, rich trash neighbor, who curiously fucking enough was nowhere to be found the whole first week of this month, was screaming at Blake and his friends for wearing their masks on their way home from school today. I swear these people are fucking intolerable. This happens again and that cunt is going to learn the real hard way why you do not go yelling at kids that ain't yours. Hope they do not care too much about that stupid cat they're always letting wander all around the fucking neighborhood memes

Honestly this is so much nicer than red zerotide this is coca cola i can feel calm drinking. no bright screaming red. no anger. no hatred. just a nice sky blue. this is a soda i can feel relaxed with. cynicaihippie ls everyone on this site a fucking bull meme