Carl Brutananadilewski $5.00 $10.00 Mary i know you watch this streamer, if you see this give me another chance, i was wrong to cheat and love you Carl ill work hard, ill be the man i used to be when we met. im running out of money but know youre had to pull out credit card for this one, since i know your either watcching this or detective streamer mary, im sorry for cheating and ill $5.00 go to the ends of the earth to bring our relationship back, please pick up just threw way all my beer mary, im to anew man for you,if i id please fo Carl Brutananadilewski $5.00 youre with josh arent u mary, hanging with my best friend thats low of Josh Petchmak $5.00 DON'T LISTEN TO CARL THIS IS THE REAL JOSH, IM ALWAYS LOYAL TO YOU AMELIA  Romance in the modern age isn't just dead, its been brutally sl